NESS (Al-Nafay Education and School system)


NESS is latest software to Manage Education and School system according to New Standards adopted by High value schools and academic chains in Pakistan and around the Globe. NESS is not only software but also providing a roadmap to enhance your business in this field by Managing students, Teachers profiles along with financial aspects. NESS is very user friendly for new users and Management team. NESS is also having rich features to handle chain of schools from a single office.

Key Features:

  1. School/ Academic profile
  2. student profile
  3. Class, Section, Course detail, Class’s schedules and timings information’s
  4. Auto Result status with grade and annual performance
  5. Student and teachers attendance record
  6. Student Game activities
  7. Student home assignments
  8. Computerized fee card (with fee history)
  9. Teacher parent meeting schedules
  10. Pre Fee Slip (according to Family Group)
  11. Pending fee Detail
  12. Automatic fine and other expenses management system
  13. Student ledger with student information and Fee history and class performance report
  14. Total Fee Collection detail and Pending Fee detail for Management.
  15. Teacher Ledgers with salary detail and advances etc.
  16. Daily Expense Management (Electricity bills, Salaries, Furniture, Entertainment Expenses, School Stationary, Other expenses)
  17. Monthly or yearly expenses detail
  18. Semester wise student performance record with grade and number details
  19. Annual Certificates with all semester’s performance and numbering detail along with disciplines and teacher remarks.
  20. Daily, monthly and annually Students and Teachers leave Record
  21. Students Scholarships policies, criteria and detail
  22. Daily home work detail
  23. Event based home work assignments
  24. Computer Generated Fee Slips and Cards
  25. Computer Generated Books and Note books detail with price for all classes.
  26. Computerized Student Birth Day list with parents Contact numbers.
  27. Birth day wishes Messages for Parents from School Management.
  28. Management information system (only for Principals)
  29. All kind of Ledgers
  30. Expense and earning reports
  31. Other reports
  32. Annual Closing of Data
  33. Monthly Closing of software to generate history
  34. Daily data Backup
  35. Other Related apps.
  36. Data Backup.