NOIMS (Al-Nafay Inventory Management System)


Sale orders and distribution system is used to improve sale orders entry and distribution of stock according to company pre defined policy to save time and to facilitate customers with fastest delivery services.

Key Features:

  1. All Master data (such as Item codes, vendors, customers, outlets, sizes, brand, Prices categories, subcategories etc) will generate at Head Quarter and will transfer at shop through a file or VPN
  2. Collection of Sale Orders
  3. Posting of Sale Orders
  4. Management of Local and outsider customer orders
  5. Postpone sale orders
  6. Automatic sale order processing system
  7. Credit Limits and exceeding limit customer sale orders approval process
  8. Invoices with full qty in hand process
  9. Invoices with partial qty in hand Process
  10. Invoices with Created status
  11. Cancel or return invoices process
  12. Invoices with Shipped status
  13. Automatic stock updating process and Sale Returns process
  14. Automatic Sale invoice voucher entry into finance system
  15. Stock receiving process from Production or Import
  16. Automatic Gate Pass Process
  17. Local, Bility or Courier invoices detail
  18. Vehicle log Report
  19. Packing Slip or Labels detail for shipped invoices
  20. Price Circular Process
  21. Total demand of sale orders with qty in hand
  22. Receivable
  23. Receivable Aging
  24. MIS for order and invoices with BI Reports