Payroll system is required to Manage Employees profile, attendance, Increments, Bonuses Salaries, Overtimes and allowances through system to manage resources in better way for fastest and quality transactions and this software will also helpful in future to make accurate costing of labor and products.

Key Features:

  1. Employees Profile (Name, address, Phone, NIC, email etc.)
  2. Department (Name of Departments)
  3. Designation/Jobs (Detail of Designations)
  4. Region (Detail of regions)
  5. Location (Detail of locations where offices exists)
  6. Attendance (Daily attendance process)
  7. Leave (Management of Employees leaves)
  8. Salary process
  9. Deductions process
  10. Increments’ process
  11. Bonus process
  12. Fortnight closing for Shift Employees
  13. Monthly Closing for Office staff
  14. Data Backup.