RPOS (Integrated Retail Point of Sale)


Integrated POS system with Head Quarter software and no editing is allow at POS for master or transactional data, Only head quarter support team can edit or insert data on request or need basis and all master data is updated at outlet from Head Quarter automatically

Key Features:

  1. All Master data (such as Item codes, vendors, customers, outlets, sizes, brand, Prices categories, subcategories etc) will generate at Head Quarter and will transfer at shop through a file or VPN
  2. Stock receiving only from Head Quarter is allowed
  3. Transfers are allowed for Head Quarter or other shops
  4. Sales and returns management at outlet
  5. vCash, cheques, credit cards management at outlet.
  6. Stock management.
  7. Expenses management
  8. Price and discount management.
  9. Staff attendance and salaries management.
  10. Claims
  11. Fortnightly closing.
  12. Data receiving from head quarter or sending to head quarter facility is available.
  13. Security system for admin and other users.
  14. Data backup system.
  15. Network Stock
  16. Data Backup.