WSMS (Whole Sale Management System)


Whole Sale management system is complete solution for Whole Sale business process to handle purchasing and sales for single whole sale business or with a part of RSMS system with BI Reports.

Key Features:

  1. All Master data (such as Item codes, vendors, customers, Employees, outlets, sizes, brand, Prices categories, subcategories etc) will be generated at Head Quarter.
  2. Order Entry and Analysis apps.
  3. Price circulars and discount circulars.
  4. Creation of purchase orders.
  5. Cancelation of purchase orders.
  6. Stock receiving from vendors against purchase orders
  7. Stock returns from customers.
  8. Created invoices through distribution system for packing.
  9. Shipped invoices for outlets.
  10. Debit stock to vendors against access or quality rejection
  11. Customer Ledgers
  12. Vendor Ledgers
  13. Stock management for warehouse.
  14. MIS
  15. Targets & Achievement reports.
  16. Claim & Quality Rejected stock management.
  17. Employee profiles.
  18. Onway data management.
  19. Article performance application.
  20. Sales and stock position.
  21. Fortnightly closing.
  22. Sales history.
  23. Cash and Expenses management for Retail outlets Sales history.
  24. Data Backup.